Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Here Are Some Reasons Why

why can't i lose weightThere are several factors that are involved when considering the question “why can’t I lose weight?” Some may apply to you and some may not but what is known is that there are millions of people in America trying and have attempted to lose weight without much success. Many of them go from one weight loss program to the next hoping that it will be the answer that they seek.

There are lots of reasons for this failure to get rid of the excess weight on a permanent basis, although many would much rather give up than identify and address the reasons why weight loss attempts did not work. They would much rather say “It didn’t work for me which means that it is a scam!”

Why can’t I lose weight?

To address the question “why can’t I lose weight?” it is important to make note that without a little patience as well as knowledge about nutrition and exercise, your best weight loss plan will not succeed. Discovering some of the top reasons why weight loss regimens fail for many people is important so that you do not make these mistakes in whatever weight loss plan you select.

Some of the reasons that some people fail with weight loss include;

1. Following too strict a diet

Making diet changes makes much more of an impact on weight loss than exercise does. But some people decide to follow too strict a diet that they will not be able to sustain on a long term basis let alone a week from now. Sure a juice fast or master cleanse can work to help you lose weight fast in the short term but all the weight and then some will return once you return to your normal eating patterns so these only work if you are looking for short term weight loss.

In addition, when you reduce your calorie intake, when done gradually, you will lose weight. But when you cut too many calories suddenly, you may not lose as much weight because your body will go into starvation mode which slows down your metabolism so that your body can hold onto nutrients for longer periods. This is why a lot of people are encouraged to eat several small meals a day to keep your metabolism burning calories leading to weight loss.

Following too strict a diet can also put you in danger if you do not consume enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, and many other nutrients that you need every single day in order to stay healthy and not just thin.

2. Going it alone

Research has shown that those who have a support system during weight loss are able to achieve better results with weight loss than those who go it alone. Having a weight loss buddy or support group can make dieting and exercising a hundred times easier than going it alone.

When you only have yourself to encourage yourself, it can be too easy to go back to your old habits. A support system on the other hand can not only keep you motivated but you will also be able to encourage others on the same journey which also helps you. Some people work just fine alone but for others, encouragement and support works wonders.

Even if you don’t have anyone around you to encourage you, you can always find a support group in places such as online and there are various apps that can provide a supportive weight loss experience. Take advantage of resources available that can help you succeed.

3. Unrealistic goals

Unrealistic goals are another major factor on not being able to succeed with a weight loss plan. Goals should not be too easy though. When you set goals that you can’t easily reach, you will push yourself harder and you will feel successful and more motivated even if you fall short. However, this is different from setting impossible goals which will only cause frustration and a lack of motivation.

Do not try to weigh in every day. Do not completely eliminate all of the foods you eat on a regular basis, and try not to exercise too much right away. Set small goals and gradually build up to reaching the goals you really want for your life, but start out with smaller ideas.

4. Lack of self awareness

Anyone can lose weight but you have to find what works for you which requires understanding yourself and what works for you. Many people are not motivated to use a treadmill day after day but swimming, dancing, hiking, etc may work better for them.

If you want to succeed and not have to ask over and over again “why can’t I lose weight,” it may be that the weight loss regimen you have decided to implement is not for you. It is not a scam. It is not ineffective. It is just not for you. Finding what works for you will help you maintain this plan on a long term basis.

These are just a few reasons to answer the question “Why can’t I lose weight.” Before you decide that weight loss is impossible for you and nothing works, see which is these reasons applies to your failed attempts in the past which will help you finally find what works. There are a million and one weight loss programs out there. At least one of them is bound to be effective for you. Do not give up and do not lose hope.

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