Do Your Genes Hold Secrets About Your Best Weight Loss Diet?

best weight loss dietThere are so many diets out there that claim to be the best weight loss diet. But as we know, a diet that works for one may not work for another and vice versa. So the best diet to lose weight fast is what works for you taking into consideration many factors. Now, your genes are being thrown into the mix about creating a diet that works for you to lose weight according to a recent study.

A new discovery by scientists that genome-based diets could be designed to deal with obesity is making waves in the medical community.

It’s a huge breakthrough that could change the future of dieting: as we reported recently, scientists at the University of Texas have discovered that rather than using one-size-fits-all diets, a diet designed for individuals based on their genes might be ideal for fighting obesity. But it raises the question — is there even a perfect diet to strive for?

The discovery is an important one and could result in specialized diet plans based on genetics and other data designed to fit the person, which could have huge impacts on obesity. And it’s an indication that all of these fad diets that exist out there might not be right depending on the person.


Besides this study to determine whether using your genes can help determine the best weight loss diet for you, there have been many other research studies into using the information in your genes to find a diet that works for you.

One study a few years ago looked at a person’s genetic makeup and how differences in the genes can affect what foods they liked and what they didn’t and used this information to create a perfect weight loss diet for each person.

To test the power of tailored diets for weight loss, 191 obese study participants were randomly divided into two groups: 87 were put on a diet catering to genetic variants for metabolism and taste, while 104 were put on a control diet. People in both groups each eliminated 600 calories from their daily diets.

DNA from the test group was analyzed for 19 genes known to impact metabolism and for genes that affect taste, and their diets were adjusted to accommodate for things such as liking the taste of fats.

“Regarding the gene-based diet, when I got to analyze the data, I was actually a bit skeptical that we would be able to find any differences,” Pirastu said. “It’s like having two cars which start at the same point and they move in directions which differ for only a degree. At first they will look as though they are parallel, but after 10 km they will actually be far apart.”

After two years, those on the gene-based diet had lost 33 percent more weight. “One of the main contributions will be in making the diets more pleasurable and thus more acceptable. Genetics in this sense will help understanding what people do not like in specific foods,” Pirastu said. In the future, that could mean diet foods and health foods tailored specifically to your metabolism and taste preferences. 


These studies and many more that are ongoing are important breakthroughs into finding the best weight loss diet for each person because as stated earlier, we are all different and one diet which produces great results for one person, may be ineffective for another.

More research still needs to be done in this area but it is definitely something to keep an eye on especially if you struggle with your weight and are still looking for a solution that will work for you not only in the short-term but more importantly in the long-term.

But obviously there are practices that still work regardless of what’s going on in your genes. Eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, eating more healthy fats and less unhealthy ones, etc, have all worked wonders for many people  and will continue to do so for many more who not only want to lose weight but also get healthier.

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