Lose Weight Without Exercising With Surgery

lose weight without exercisingMany people have tried to lose weight with exercise and tried to lose weight without exercising and have failed repeatedly. For many of these people, surgery is the last option. If you are considering weight loss surgery, here are some options that may help you finally have the body you have always dreamed of.

Weight loss surgery to the rescue?

Although surgery looks like an ideal way to lose weight without exercising, it is only usually recommended for those who are significantly obese but it is still very popular especially for those who have tried many weightloss methods and failed.

So if this applies to you and you have never considered weight loss surgery before, you may be wondering what all of your options are. Some may even be covered by your insurance so talk to your insurance provider before you schedule the surgery.

Lose weight without exercising – surgery options

While there are a many different weight loss surgical procedures that you can undergo, you will find that there are the two main procedures that overweight people usually opt for.

1. Gastric bypass surgery

This is one of the most popular ways to lose weight without exercising through surgery. It involves stapling of the stomach which is why it is commonly referred to as stomach stapling.

With this surgical procedure, the surgeon will section off some of your stomach to create a smaller pouch. Your intestine is then rerouted so that the food you consume will only impact a small section of your stomach. This will enable you to lose weight since the smaller stomach means that you will consume less food. Eating less food leads to weight loss. In addition, it will be impossible for you to eat more food even if you want to especially immediately after this procedure because of this smaller stomach which will only be able to handle so much.

While gastric bypass surgery is an effective weight loss surgery to undergo, it isn’t right for everyone. As mentioned previously, you have to be overweight and most surgeons usually require their patients to be around eighty pounds or more overweight. Only in a few rare instances will those who are less than eighty pounds overweight be able to undergo stomach stapling and this is usually if their health is at risk or if they have other medical conditions that require weight loss to manage the condition such as diabetes.

On the other hand, if you are significantly overweight, your surgeon may require you to lose a certain amount of weight before this procedure can be safely performed.

2. Lap-band surgery

This surgical procedure is another common weight loss procedure that will help you lose weight without exercising. This is similar to gastric bypass surgery and while your stomach pouch is made smaller, it is not stapled but instead, an adjustable band is used to create a smaller stomach.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the lap-band surgery is that this band can be completely removed or easily adjusted.

Do keep in mind that these two popular weight loss surgical procedures are not the only ones available. In addition many other methods keep being developed to help the overweight achieve weight loss using surgery.

Safety precautions

Attempting to lose weight without exercising with the help of surgery should always be a last resort. Make sure that you try other weight loss methods first before deciding on surgery. If you have put forth a valiant effort with other methods and failed or the weight loss has only been temporary, then you can look into surgery.

Another reason that surgery may not be right for you is that there are many people who have undergone this procedure who have been able to achieve significant weight loss but if your habits remain the same as they were before the procedure, you will gradually start to gain the weight back until you are back to square one so you need to be prepared to make changes before and after the procedure otherwise you are not only wasting money but also putting your health at risk.

You will put your health at risk when you eat more food than your new smaller stomach can hold in addition to gaining back the weight that you lost so think carefully before opting for this surgery. If you are not willing to change your habits, do not go through with this surgery.

Another point to remember is that this is a major medical procedure so there are many risks and complications that can arise that include at worst death, but you can also develop infection, bleeding, blood clots, etc. Properly research any doctors that you choose to make sure that they are board certified and are licensed to perform this procedure. Talk to him or her about all the risks and complications that you need to be aware of because even if the surgeon is well qualified, you never know what could happen.

This is just a bit of information on how to lose weight without exercising using surgery. Make sure that surgery is your last resort after unsuccessfully trying other methods and carefully research various surgeons before selecting the one who will perform the procedure and make sure you plan on changing your habits. The same bad habits which got you into this place will be the same ones that will return you to being overweight even after the procedure unless you change them.

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