Losing Weight Without Exercise – The Importance Of A Food Diary

lose weight without exerciseMost people hate working out and the popular recommendation is that if you want to lose weight you must exercise which is not really accurate. The most significant weight loss you will be able to achieve is when you make changes to the food you eat which means that losing weight without exercise is not only possible but the best way to go down a size or more. Exercise is important for general health and well-being but changing what you eat will make the most impact on your weight. This is where a food diary comes in.

What is a food diary?

If you are interested in losing weight without exercise, one of the easiest and smartest things you can do is to keep a food diary. A food diary represents a journal or notebook or some other device into which you record what you eat daily. With a food diary, you will be able to track a number of things in your food diary or you can keep it simple, but in either case, this is one of the best ways of losing weight without exercise.

This food diary does not have to be a traditional journal that you keep by the bed with a lock and key. You can record what you eat using whatever kind of recording and writing tools you prefer. Some people prefer a plain journal or notebook. Others prefer keeping this diary on a computer, laptop, iPad, an app on your phone, etc. Use whatever works best for your lifestyle.

What to include in a food diary?

losing weight without exerciseYou can record a variety of information in your food diary. First of all, consider simply listing what you eat on a daily basis without thinking about your weight loss goals. Simply make note of everything you are eating good and bad without making any changes. This is the first and all important step to help you see what you are eating on any given day which will show you your patterns of unhealthy eating that you may have never considered before.

Important information that you will also record about the food you are eating include the number of calories, protein, fiber, fat, and various other nutrients. Most of this information will be found on the food label on the product packaging or you can use various tools available online. Portion size is another important aspect of the food you eat that you need to record.

If you want to truly use the diary format, you may want to consider also listing the various reasons that you are aware of that explain why you are eating the foods you are eating besides hunger (stress, anxiety, social pressure, etc), the food cravings you experience, as well as your feelings about your diet on any given day. This is your diary which will be extremely beneficial in helping you lose weight without exercise, so do what feels right for you.

Seeing what you eat documented in such a way will help you determine what changes you need to make to help you in losing weight without exercise. Do remember to keep your food diary updated on a daily basis to help you review your progress at the end of each week or on a daily basis if you prefer.

A food diary will also help you make note in your diary when you achieve certain weight loss goals which is the best motivation to keep going. Staying motivated is one of the challenges that most people face when they decide to lose weight and keeping track of any progress you make with the help of a food diary is the best way to keep you motivated. It is also a great way to see what is working as well as what is not working.

Keeping a food diary is one of the best ways of losing weight without exercise because what you eat is an important part of being able to achieve your weight loss goals. Start a food diary today and you will be able to see just how this practice will be an important part of achieving your weight loss goals.

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