The Motivation To Lose Weight And How Visualization Can Help

motivation to lose weightWhile many people know that they need to lose weight or adopt healthier lifestyles, very few have the motivation to lose weight or otherwise live healthier lifestyles. This seems very strange since we know that we need to do better but just do not do what we ought to do. This is were visualization can help.

Motivation to lose weight

Many people have started various weight loss programs but they somehow find it difficult to continue to have the motivation to lose weight even when they see some positive changes in the way they look, the way they feel, etc.

Trying to find something that can keep you motivated can be challenging because while many people are good at starting, they are not very good at finishing which is why visualization can help. There are many areas in life that can be improved with visualization and weight loss is one of these areas.

Visualization for weight loss

Visualization works by keeping a vision in your mind about how you want your body to look, and if you create a clear enough picture in your head, you will subconsciously start to act in a way that will lead you in the direction of the picture in your head. You will become much more positive about your body and more accepting of your diet or fitness regimen and all this will help you reach your weight loss goals much more quickly and easily.

Visualization has become increasingly more mainstream and not some hocus pocus practice for many people because though it cannot be explained, the results produced have been outstanding. While psychologists do not fully understand exactly how it works, the connection between the mind, body and spirit are not as separate as we often believe.

It appears that if you truly want to achieve something – provided that of course it is not impossible and is within your power – it is possible if you can visualize it. Visualization helps us to truly want to lose weight by creating a clear and happy picture of our fitter and slimmer bodies. Without doing this, we can often (usually subconsciously) put psychological blocks in our own path to everything we desire including a slimmer body.

Many overweight people think that they cannot lose weight even though they may jump from one weight loss program to another and unfortunately, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes they speak of this impossibility aloud or in most cases, it simply remains in the subconscious.

The subconscious influences our behavior a lot more that what we are conscious of and this applies to weight loss. If you believe deep down that you will never be thin, your actions will follow what you truly believe. Sure you may stick to a weight loss regimen for a week or two but sooner or later you will start to lose the motivation to lose weight because subconsciously you do not believe that your body can be whatever you want it to be.

To combat these negative thoughts and behaviors, visualization is the right tool that you can use to “get your mind right”.

If you are dealing with a lot of negativity about weight loss from yourself or people who know you, start right now to visualize yourself at your desired weight as often as you can no matter what you currently weigh and as impossible as you think it may be. Just visualize your ideal body. This is the perfect tool to use because it functions on the same level as all those negative voices and can help to annihilate their influence like nothing else can.

It is important to practice visualization on a daily basis morning and evening if at all possible. All you need are a few minutes in the morning and evening. Find a quiet place and keep an image in your mind of your body at its ideal weight. While it may be easy for some people to visualize, it may be difficult for others.

If you find it difficult to create an image in your mind, do you have a photograph of yourself before you “let yourself go” that can help you remember when you where at an ideal weight that can help you create this vision today? Use it. You can also use a picture in a magazine with your head superimposed on the photo to help you visualize yourself thinner.

As you go about your day to day activities keep this vision in the back of your head and have some affirmations to go with this vision. Make sure that your affirmations are in the present i.e. “I am so grateful to be flexible, fit and slim”, and not “I will …” because the mind only works in the present. It could care less about the future. Create positive feeling around your vision with the help of your affirmations and over time, you will notice your behavior start to change. Fatty foods will be disgusting to you. Working out will be more enjoyable than being a couch potato.

Being consistent and persistent with your visualization is one of the best ways to maintain your motivation to lose weight over the long term. Before you know it, you will have what you desire.

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