St John’s Wort For Weight Loss

st johns wort for weight lossThis herb is commonly recommended as an effective natural method to combat depression, anxiety, stress, etc, but can it also help with weight loss? Continue reading to find out whether using St John’s wort for weight loss is an effective weight management method.

St John’s wort is also known as hypericum and it is the flowers and leaves that are used for natural healing. Using this herb as a natural treatment goes back thousands of years and is currently quite popular and probably one of the top selling herbs.

The reason for this is because of the discovery of St John’s wort as a natural antidepressant that is an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals and does not require a prescription or come with many of the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

This plant was named by early Christians after John the Baptist because they believed that it released its blood red oil on August 29 which was thought to be the anniversary of his beheading. The term “wort” means plant in old English.

St John’s wort is commonly recommended for the natural treatment of;

1. Depression

As mentioned previously, this is the main reason that this herb is a top seller each and every year. This herb is as effective as many of the top pharmaceutical antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, etc.

2. Wounds

Various antibiotic and anti-inflammatory compounds are contained in the red oil produced from this plant which can help to speed up healing and prevent infection.

3. Menopausal issues

Mood swings and depression in menopausal women can be alleviated with the help of this herb.

4. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Some people experience depression during the winter months which is thought to develop in some people because of a lack of exposure of sunlight. Using St John’s wort in combination with light therapy not only relieved depression but also helped improve sleep for those suffering from this disorder.

St John’s wort and weight loss

The advocates for using St John’s wort for weight loss rely on a connection between depression and weight gain. Many people who are depressed, anxious, stressed out, etc, end up seeking comfort in food which leads to weight gain.

By using St John’s wort for weight loss, your mood is improved which means that you will no longer seek comfort in food and excessively eat. By eating less than you would normally do if you are stressed or depressed, you will not only not gain weight but you may even lose weight. When you feel great, you eat less.


st johns wort and weight lossThere isn’t a set dosage amount when using St John’s wort for weight loss but common recommendations vary from 500 to 1,050 mg of this herb daily.

Safety precautions

As a natural remedy, St John’s wort is generally safe and side effect free but some people may have an allergic reaction. St John’s wort can also cause photosensitivity so take extra precautions when you are out in the sun if you have sensitive, fair skin.

Do not take this herb in combination with other antidepressants as it may interfere with the action of these drugs. Other drugs besides antidepressants may also interact adversely with this herb so talk to your doctor first.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should not take this herb unless a doctor recommends it for postpartum depression. Do not give it to children and use low doses in people over the age of 65.

This is just a bit of information on using St John’s wort for weight loss. If you are depressed and overeating, this herb may work to improve your mood which can curb your appetite.

For those who are not depressed or stressed, using St John’s wort for weight loss may be ineffective so the 3 Week diet may be better for you. Find out more about this diet which can help you lose weight fast by clicking here.

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