Top 5 Cereals To Lose Weight Healthily

loose weight quickThere are a number of effective ways to lose weight healthily without starving yourself and many different types of food that can help with weight loss. Cereal is one of them and it is not only a healthy way to start the day, but it can help you lose weight naturally but only if you pick the right kinds and the following as some of the best brands of cereal that can help you achieve your weight loss goals while also improving your general health and well-being.

Not all cereal is created equal

Taking a walk down the cereal aisle can be an adventure and it can be hard to find healthy cereal since a lot of them especially those that are filled with cartoon characters, mystery prizes, puzzles, and many others are usually loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients which not only defeat your weight loss goals but also negatively impact your health.

But once you avoid these types of cereal and pay attention to the food labels, you will be able to find cereal both hot and cold that can help you lose weight healthily while also being good for your health.

If you make sure that you read the labels on the boxes, you will discover a surprising thing. Many of them contain high amounts of fiber and high fiber diets are one of the best ways to lose weight naturally because fiber fills you up quicker so that you will be able to eat fewer calories and it also slows down digestion which not only helps to control blood sugar levels but it also helps keep hunger pangs away which will prevent you from eating too much. Fiber also helps to prevent certain cancers and heart disease while keeping you regular.

Cereal is also a great way to start the day because breakfast is important for weight loss and can help to get your metabolism going so that you start burning calories as early as possible.

Cereal is also the perfect breakfast food for busy people because it is quick and convenient while providing you with the nutrients you need to get through the day.

Another of the benefits of cereal is that many of the healthy types are fortified with other nutrients besides fiber such as folic acid which can help to prevent birth defects. Other nutrients that cereal can be fortified with include B vitamins but you need to ensure that you drink up all the remaining milk because when milk is added, B vitamins end up in the milk at the bottom of the bowl.

Top 5 best cereal brands

Try to eat different types of cereal because different cereals contain different types of dietary fiber (soluble and insoluble fiber) and you need both. You can also mix and match various types. Also make sure that they contain at least 5 grams of fiber per serving size. The following are some of the best cereal brands that will help you lose weight healthily;

1. General Mills Cinnamon Burst Cheerios

In addition to fiber, this cereal contains about 50 percent of the day’s folic acid which not only helps protect against birth defects but it can also help to reduce high blood pressure.

2. General Mills Wheaties

This is another of the best cereals that can help you lose weight naturally because of the high fiber content. This cereal also contains about 45 percent of the day’s iron which is an important muscle-building nutrient. While it may not be as tasty as other types of cereal, you can add fruit, berries, nuts, etc, to improve the taste.

3. Kashi GoLean Crunch!

This high fiber containing cereal is a must in order to lose weight healthily while providing many other essential nutrients. This is great with milk and can also be added to yogurt.

4. Quaker Lower Sugar Maple & Brown Sugar

This is not only a good source of fiber but the low sugar content also makes it a quick and healthy breakfast meal.

5. Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries

The fiber in this cereal is from wheat bran and the freeze-dried strawberries provide a natural sweetness. It is also a rich source of iron and vitamin C, so get some milk or use it as an ingredient when making homemade trail mix.

There are many other healthy brands of cereal that you will be able to find at your local grocery store if you just pay attention and read the labels. They will not only get your metabolism up and running first thing in the morning but many contain all the vitamins and nutrients that you need making them a great way to lose weight healthily.

When selecting the milk to add to cereal, opt for low-fat kinds or better yet use non-dairy milk such as soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, etc, which are a lot healthier than dairy.

These are just a few tips on how to lose weight healthily with the help of cereal. For more tips on foods that can help you lose weight fast, you need the 3 Week Diet which will show you which foods to eat and when to eat them so that you will be able to lose up to 23 lbs in 3 weeks! Find out more about this bestselling weight loss guide here.

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